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Regional Park

Queyras Regional Natural Park

The richness of its fauna and flora, its colorful landscapes, its 4 well-defined seasons, its remarkable heritage... Set off to discover this exceptional park, the highest in Europe. Don't miss also visiting its villages, among the highest in the Alps and the most beautiful in France.

Arvieux, village at the foot of the Col d’Izoard

In the heart of the Val d'Azur, the sunniest green valley of Queyras, where time seems to have stood still, Arvieux is there...

Time for a walk in the great outdoors, or an outdoor hike, from the alpine chalets of Furfande and Clapeyto, to the Col d 'Izoard at the Casse Deserte, the Prosecutor's Tower, the Campanile of Brunissard, the Lac de Roue... so many curiosities shaped by Man or Nature.


“Queyras forms aunique territory in the Southern Alps, for the beauty of its high mountain landscapes, for itsgeology , the richness of itsflore mountain, the abundance of its fauna that the Queyras Regional Natural Park has the mission to protect without being an obstacle to human activity. It haspreserved its traditions longer than other regions, and of all its municipalities, it is perhaps Arvieux, remained away from the communication routes until 1897, date of the opening of the current road by thecol d'Izoard , who has best preserved his own. »AQLM Association

Its Flora

Its Fauna

His landscapes and his heritage